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The MacMonkies Staff

Welcome! In this area you will find some crazy MacMonkies people profiles.


Current Personnel

Bradford Wiles - Head Monkie


Indeed the craziest Monk of the Bunch, Mr. Wiles maintains MacMonkies with a Banana in hand and a different sense of logic in his pocket! Seeing things from an "alternative" perspective, Brad has challenged himself to make a little bit of difference to the sometimes strange set of everyday events.

Brad's experience comes from the "Jack-of-All-Trades, Master-of-None" school of education. Having "blown up" his 1st Mac (Performa 6300) more than once, he has spent the last 8 years learning all the correct "buttons" to press in the Mac world.

Brad is currently a supervisor for national food business, previously in media having worked in both the ISP and Advertising Departments.


Previous Personnel

Tina "BeanHead" Keldsen - Nose For News


Ahh, words cannot describe the Bean...but here it goes! Perhaps the most sane of the bunch, Tina keeps the ol' barrel steady. It's Tina's "level head" that keeps the others from needing someone to tip them upside right! She's a good guide, a great friend, and a valuable asset to the MacMonkies staff.

Tina also works in the Public School system working with kids (that's why she puts up with Brad). She has had tremendous success making the difference in the lives of children within the classroom as well as with those around her.

In order to put up with all of the Monkie madness, Tina's inside outlook can be summed up with her favorite quote - "Well anyway!"



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