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Cool Software: CLASSIC

Action GoMac - This awesome utilitiy adds a task bar to the bottom of your screen similar to Windows. With this spiffy control panel you also have a popup calendar, and a nifty QuickLaunch feature that lets you instantly add items by dragging them onto the task bar, plus a whole lot more!


A-Dock - ADock is a bit like Mac OS X's dock. It acts as an application switcher and an application launcher. A-Dock is a powerful organizational tool. It's moveable, skinable, and so customizeable; and at such a small price, one can't afford to do without!


Default Folder - Default Folder enhances Open and Save dialogs to save you time and effort. It allows you to set a "favorite" folder in which to open or save your documents for individual applications!


FinderPop - Look Ma! One hand! With FinderPop, you can have the added features of Contextual Menus with only a single click of the mouse. Just click and hold and have your Contextual options at hand. Click Different!


GraphicConverter - View, edit, and convert most any graphic file format! GraphicConverter converts pictures to different formats. It also contains many useful features for picture manipulation. GraphicConverter is simply the best Macintosh graphics editor money can buy.


Kaleidoscope - Perhaps the pinnacle of Mac GUI. Kaleidoscope is the ultimate in user interface customization for the Macintosh, letting you switch between completely different interface designs provided by plug-in modules called "Schemes".


Launch Key - Launch Key is an automation utility that lets your Mac automatically do almost anything. You can configure it to perform tasks at the touch of a key (no matter what program you're in), at regular intervals (every Wednesday at noon), at a specific time (Feb. 11 at 11:30), or after a period of inactivity (similar to a screen saver).


Power Windows - Power Windows is a small control panel that lets you choose between Solid Dragging and Translucent Dragging, and you can even Use Multitasking with solid dragging. Power Windows can also make Finder Windows Fade Open and Closed and Menus Fade Closed, as well as offering Translucent Menus.


Window Monkey - Choose patterned backgrounds for Macintosh Finder windows. You even get a handy way to navigate through windows and folders, so it's useful, too.






Cool Software: CLASSIC | OSX

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